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About Dr. Me

Dr. Me is a health promotion programme for primary school aged children. It is run by volunteer medical students who are trained to deliver workshops to teach primary school children how to self care for common self-treatable conditions in order to encourage patient empowerment and education from a young age.

The one-hour workshops cover common self-treatable conditions such as vomiting and diarrhoea; sore throat and fever; and minor head injuries. During the sessions, children are provided with six scenarios and they are tasked with deciding whether to stay at home, visit the GP or attend the emergency department.

The results of a study into the Dr. Me project suggest it can improve children’s knowledge of self-care and increase their confidence in managing self-treatable conditions.

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% of children that enjoyed the session 98.6%
% of children that felt more confident about self care 93.3%
Correct responses after teaching improved by 16.3%

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Dr. Me is supported by the RCGP; Health Education England and the Self Care Forum

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