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A blueprint for a self-care strategy for England


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This blueprint strategy was officially launched at an online event on 19 October 2021. Hear more about the blueprint from our partners and case studies. We were also joined by Professor Alf Collin of NHS England to reflect on its recommendations.

A national self-care strategy

Learn more about why we need a national self-care strategy and explore a blueprint for such a strategy, developed collaboratively by pharmacy and healthcare organisations.

frontline healthcare professionals thought self-care was important in the pandemic (up from 55%)
GP appointments for self-care (pre-pandemic)
A&E visits for self-treatable conditions (pre-pandemic)
now more likely to self-care

Support for a self-care strategy

This blueprint for a national strategy has been developed by a group of leading pharmacy and healthcare organisations in partnership with PAGB, the consumer healthcare association. Our work has been championed by MPs and Peers in parliament.

Dr Graham Jackson
Dr Graham JacksonNHS Confederation
Graham chaired a series of meetings held to develop a clinical consensus on self-care, from which this self-care strategy blueprint was developed.
Paul Bennett
Paul BennettChief Executive, RPS
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society is one of the partners in developing this blueprint for a self-care strategy.
Neil Lister
Neil ListerFormer PAGB President
PAGB’s former President explains why the consumer healthcare industry supports this strategy.
Stephen Goundrey-Smith
Stephen Goundrey-Smith MRPharmS FFCI
Stephen speaks about community pharmacy and its role in self-care.
Michelle Riddalls
Michelle RiddallsChief Executive, PAGB
Self-care is a vital part of our health system. It has the potential to reduce health inequalities, improve outcomes and protect NHS resources for those who need them most.

A vision for self-care

A system which fully integrates the promotion of everyday wellbeing, self-care for self-treatable conditions and the management of long-term conditions into the wider health system.
This blueprint strategy sets out the key components of a national strategy.


Support the call for a national self-care strategy

There are many ways you can support us in calling for a national self-care strategy – check out some suggestions here.
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